Im about to get fired ,what are some good jobs for single moms?

My child is sick n i have no help ever. I cant afford to pay a nannie for sick days as i dont make much at all. My boss is being a ***** because my child is sick and i called in last minuteWhat are some legit flexable jobs for single moms?

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Working from home is your only "flexible" bet. Sick children are not a job consideration when hiring someone. You need an employee who is there when they are scheduled, not calling in at the last minute. That COSTS the company money and aggravation. Hard as it is, and YES, it is VERY HARD, you have to be at work when needed. That means you need someone you can trust to be with your child when you have to go to work, whether they are sick or not. NO JOB is going to be as flexible as you expect.
The best option you have are those for work-at-home jobs. While scams are indeed plenty, there are still legit options you can do. See .
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