I'm curious, what are you doing with your tax return?

I got a lot more back this year than i was expecting. I'm going to pay off a few high interest credit cards and still have about $800 left. I was thinking about saving it or spending part of it. Any ideas?

Other answer:

put it towards your retirement………
put it towards your retirement………
Linda R:
Going on a cruise.
If you don't have a NEED for it – save it, for when you do!
I'm filing my tax return.

If you meant to say 'tax refund', then SAY that.

I'm not getting a refund. I plan my affairs so that I end up owing a little. A refund is nothing more than an interest-free loan to the feds. Owing a little is the feds giving ME an interest-free loan.

Save it as an emergency fund.
What a happy surprise. Save it for when you want something special. Nobody says you have to spend it, not this year, not next. Start a house/downpayment fund.
Paying off the credit cards first is a great idea. For the remainder, how about dividing it three ways: part to spend, part to bank, and part to charity? If your financial situation will be the same next year, you may want to adjust your W-4 withholdings so that a bit less is taken out of your salary for 2017.
save it, unless there is something you really want/need.

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