I'm doing an online ad job for this guy?

He could pay me through money gram , certified check , western union , and pay pal but I'm not sure if it's a scam or not is it ? Please help thanks for your consideration .

Other answer:

This scam is going to land you thousands of dollars in debt and possibly land you in prison. You NEVER post ads for another person. The only reason why they would ask you to post ads is because they have been banned from Craigslist for illegal activity and now looking for a sucker to take the fall.
You will be posting things like fake jobs ads, fake apartments for rent, fake cars for sale, fake puppies for adoption, etc. When the victim who responds loses money, they call the police who arrest you since YOU placed the ads using your account, your phone number to verify the account, your email address, etc. And you will also be forced to pay restitution to each victim who lost money from the ads you posted. So if it's a fake job scam where the person is out $2000 for passing a bad check, you will owe that person $2000. If it's a fake apartment for rent and 10 people each send $1000, then you will owe each victim $1000

You NEVER post ads for anything unless you are the employer, the owner of the apartment, etc.

Oh, and you won't get paid either no matter what they say

If you already posted ads, remove all of them ASAP. If the 'employer' asks you, act like you don't know anything and don't know why they were deleted, or say that you got an email from Craigslist that your account is banned and you have no idea why

Doesn't your school have a Career Placement Center of some sort? They should be able to help you with this. I wouldn't ignore the internet, but don't make that the only method you use. You can go to job fairs, send out your resume to organizations you are interested in, do informational interviews, internships which might lead to jobs, and any number of other things. Then the internet can supplement this; there are a lot of job sites out there, depending upon what you want to do after you graduate.
What is your gut feelings? You are the one that has been dealing with him and certainly have an opinion. Do not give any personal banking info. The certified check would be the safest. If deposited give at least 3 weeks before even touching the money. I would get as much indo as I could about him and his business. Maybe a simple google search might reveal something.
Often Craigslist ad porting jobs are offered by people who have already been banned from over posting, they may use you up fairly quickly, certainly this is an anonymous sounding operator who's not sure to pay you, arrange to get your first test payment as early as possible.

It may be worth watching this TV expose on work at home offers that can be elaborate scams. http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?…

This guy could be scamming people by having you posting the ads!

Who do you think the police will come looking for?

Wayne Z:
As there are no legit online jobs, my guess is that it is a scam.

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