Im homeless with no work history staying at night shelter applying for jobs?

Should I be available to work night time or only day? Where would I sleep during the day if I had a night job?

Should I accept part time hours minimum wage or only full? Where will I live?

Where should I keep my backpack?

Best Answer:

I Love Pigeons: This time of year for a short span in Las Vegas, probably one of the parks in a better neighborhood is a possible daytime sleep, but you really need friends more than anything else that you can trust. It is very hard to go it alone anywhere.
I don't know how safe the tunnels are. They come up as homeless shelter every now and then.
In any night job, you have to make it through to your first paycheck, and I hope you already are on SNAP benefits.
I have no idea how amenable the buses are for sleeping.
Minimum wage with gratuity potential (tips) is a lot better than without.
As to accepting a part time job, nothing stops you from continuing to look for either a second part time or better job.
Your age is a factor in this in ways I would rather not describe, but there is a difference from 18-21 to 21 through 29 and over 30. I will make you aware that you do not have to be a student to be on campus at UNLV, but do have to adhere to all rules while on campus. I don't know what facilities are available there exactly but have browsed around the student union building.

There are lockers at some shopping malls but don't know their rules or costs.
Las Vegas North Premium outlets "Across from Taxi Pickup, behind Parking Deck A stairwell and elevator"
Premium Outlets South "Next to Management Office"
There are a few community centers around, and when they have a gymnasium, it is hard to know what their offerings are without visiting.

There are always potentials and possibilities for those that seek them out and are creative thinkers.

Other answer:

I Love Pigeons:
If you are homeless and unemployed, you take any position you can, part time or full time, any shift. If you have a vehicle, you can sleep in your vehicle until you start getting paid and can rent a room. Otherwise look at homeless shelters at night. Depending on what kind of job you get, it is possible you will have a locker or break room you can store your backpack in while you work.
try to lie that you do have some sort of job experience. dont make lies that you know they can easily spot out on. Very few ppl like to hire ppl without any job experience
if you have a job, you rent a room and can sleep during the day

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