I'm looking for a job , anyone out there willing to hire me ?

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Richard L: if not ASAP , Create your own Job !

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Richard L:
Here's how to get there:
Embrace Your Reality. If you're applying for entry-level positions, most people aren't expecting you to come in with a resume filled with experience. …
Identify Your Skills. …
Make The Link. …
Emphasize "Soft Skills" …
Know Your Own Worth. …
Balance Confidence With Beginner's Mind. …
Start Volunteering. …
Your ability to get a job depends on your education, your skills, your experience, and your ability to spend the necessary time looking. If your question (with no information about you, your skills, etc.) is an indicator of how you are looking for a job, you are going to be unemployed for a LONG time. Looking for a job is hard work.
Metallic Anarchist:
i will hire you for 10 cents an hour
Serve The Servants:
if you can't get a job do a course and get on some direction in your life dead end jobs lead nowhere
sure I will hire you
The Thing:
Sure, wanna polish my shoes?

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