I'm opening a business and I need a good name for?

a restaurant that only sells peanut butter variety sandwiches. I.E. Peanut butter and banana, PBJ, PB and chocolate, etc.

Other answer:

I know a lot of people are telling you that your idea will fail, but really, they don't know that for a fact. I want to encourage you to at least try it, but on a smaller scale first. Something like a sandwich cart that you bring to offices around lunch time. Busy office workers may be open to eating something like a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know you only mentioned sandwiches, but lunch combos sell better than just a single sandwich(notice how lots of fastfood restaurants offer combos). You know what goes good with peanut butter sandwiches?….soups. You could have a soup of the day. Soup is easy to make in big batches and can be easily packaged in containers for transport. Take Panera Bread for instance, they have a sandwich and soup combo. And it comes with an apple, bread, or chips as a side. You can put canned sodas on your lunch cart also. This combo deal(which is cheaper for them than if they bought the items seperately) will probably sell well with your customers. If you come around regularly to business offices and people get used to you coming around you will start to get some loyal customers. Only after you have a steady stream of paying customers should you think of opening a brick and mortar restaurant. Not before then. Start small, then grow bigger. That way you will not spend a lot of money up front only to lose it all. Start by seeing if you can get one person to buy a sandwich from you first. Just one person. Not a family member or friend. A complete stranger.

Also, my suggestion is to name your business something that does NOT have Peanuts, nuts, jelly, etc like that in the name. You may find out in the future that nobody is wanting to buy peanut butter sandwiches and you may want to pivot to another food but then realize that you painted yourself into a corner. Pick a name that you can sell anything and everything under. A name that gives you room to breathe.

Another commenter mentioned "The Lunch Box". The Lunch Box is a good one. It is so common sense that the name might already be taken though.

I'm not saying these are good by any means. I'm just playing around with the word "lunch".

Lunch Lobby
Lunch Lane
Lunch Land
Lucky Lunch
Local Lunch
Lunch Lounge
Lunch Lodge
Little Louie's
Lazy Lunch
Lunch Locker
Lavish Lunch
Lush Lunch
Lunch Co.
Lunch Life
Lunch Loafer
Lunch Luv
Lunch Lab
Lunch Lot
Lunch A Lot
Lunch Luxe
Lunch Lux
Lunch Love
Lunch Loop
Lunch Lava
Lava Lunch
Lady Lunch
The Lunch Lift
Loco Lunch
Luna Lunch
Lean Lunch
Lunch Lord
Lunch Lion
Lunch List
Lunch for Less
Let's Do Lunch Co.
Alotta Lunch
Lota Lunch
Lofty Lunch
Lunch Llama
Louie's Lunch

That's a good idea! How about "It's Peanut Butter Time!" for a name?
No need to find a name. The business will fold before anyone learns the name. A business that sells only one typre of sandwich won't last long.
Andy L:
Unknown how fast a business like that will fail, but its your money to invest.
PB & Everything

To give yourself a fighting chance, try all-organic, no GMO's, fresh made from peanuts and experiment with other nuts.

All Things Peanut Butter
Oh, Peanuts!
The Peanut Butter Bar.
*Your name's* Peanuts. ie Sarah's Peanuts.
Trivial One:
How about "Nuts", because that's what you are to invest in such an idea.
Alright alright alright:
You do realize the liability in peanuts allergys right?If I where you I with of label not for people with allergy because people die from peanuts.
"Peanuts Envy"

BTW, your concept will fail unless you offer more variety that peanuts – and what will you do about people who are allergic to peanuts?

Nutty idea

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