I'm trying to buy a house, what would be the best price to start negotiations at for this house?

I m looking at a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house in Dorchester County, South Carolina that was built in 2009 for $160K, 2400 sq ft and is now listed for $210K. Needs some paint and new carpet/flooring.

Other answer:

No one here can answer your question because a home seller can put a house on the market for any asking price he wants. For all we know the house is in bad repair or is still only worth $160k (I've seen that happen to homes in a neighborhood that turned out to have a sewage problem). You as a buyer don't have to pay a real estate agent–only the seller has to pay. So get yourself a trustworthy real estate agent to help you. Make sure he is a BUYER'S real estate agent by asking him, "Are you a buyer's agent?" If he says no, then find an REA who is–otherwise the REA may be representing the seller, too, and you could pay more for the house than it's worth.
A Hunch:
There is no cost to you to use a realtor. Realtors are paid for by the seller.
A realtor will be able to provide you with legitimate comparables to price the house.

Just knowing what county a house is in isn't enough to determine a value. People would need to know the specific street and cross street. Plus be very familiar with the real estate market in that area.

The Oracle of Omigod:
You could try 15% below the asking price. The trouble is, some sellers get in a huff and won't talk to you any more if you low-ball them too much. 10% below will keep them talking. I have had two agents tell me the buyer would never take what I was offering and both times, we had a deal.

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