I'm under 18 and live in U.S. but can I send money to another country with Western Union or Money Gram?

Please help me

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justine Mel:
Western Union sends money all of the time, but they may not want to do it for someone who is not 18 as you do not have any legal right to do much of anything until you are an adult.
You shouldn't be wanting to send money to another country. Make sure you have a really good reason and you are not being scammed. The safest way would be to use Paypal.
Yes. But unless you know the recipient personally, not just through the internet, chances are you're being scammed.
Ziff Spiffington:
why would you do that? that usually involves some kind of scam. do you personally know and have met IN PERSON the person you want to send money to?
you can, but you will either never see it again or get arrested for aiding in money laundering. depends which of the two the person trying to scam you is planning on doing, either way you can bet it aint legal

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