In anticipation of Sears filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, what should sears do to become a responsible, sustainable business?

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First and foremost, they need to focus on strategic advertising. I can't recall the last time I saw a tv ad for Kmart, and Sears only advertises their appliances, and very rarely at that. They sell a lot of stuff that people would buy if they just knew about it. They need to explicitly show customers that their products are better/cheaper than Walmart/Target/Macy's/etc. Next, they need to set themselves apart with innovative services. I know they're currently working on a free service where they do your shopping for you (even from other stores) and you go and pick it up at Kmart– make it a convenience to go into their stores. Or they could reinvent themselves as a totally online company, complete with a digital Sears catalog and blue light specials. Perhaps even make it a virtual 'store' with aisles and everything- wouldn't it be cool to have a VR Sears app with mini games to earn store points? The possibilities are endless; Eddie Lampert just needs to let them happen.
Sears has been doing everything to stay alive in retail for the past two decades. But retail is changing and people have so many choices, including online purchasing, QVC and HSN. the competition for buyers is very stiff. If Sears can't compete, they will have to closer their doors. That's just how business works.
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