In general how much money do you spend in a day?

Other answer:

I never spend $$$ that's why I'm rich.
You wanna know my secret to NOT SPENDING YOUR MONEY?
LET'S say I made $8 an hour at Lowe's hardware.
And worked 6 hrs a day
That's 48 bucks
Times 5 days
Now it's $240
But after taxes more like
I take 100 and stash it in my underwear drawer….no don't do that, the thieves always look there first.
Put it in bank or a big safe.
I take $95 and buy yardsale stuff REALLY cheap and double it when selling.
I take the $190
And double that.
I'm filthy rich and never spend a dime of my hard earned $$
Cause my money works for me😉
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It depends on whether the shopping network is available or not.
Usually 2-3,0000