In the uk, does job seekers allowance depend on your household income? (my parents income) I m 18.?

Other answer:

Depends on one of 2 things
a) how many NI contributions you made last tax year
in which case you get 6 months JSA from when you leave your last job

b) if no NI contribibutions…
then it is income / Status in UK based… and yes, if you are living at home,
like many benefits, you are usually expected to be being supported from your parents.

eg if parents still have child allowance for you.…

See JSA on…

and calculator

which points now to the for a calculation of your benefits (such as they are)

But sign on anyway…
even if there is no money, you DO get NI credits – which go towards your pension in many years to come. (you need 35 years today – so 53-55 years "working life", but that keeps changing…. )

No, it is calculated on NI contributions.
Skoda John:
It depends on your NI contributions.
Unless you sign on you will not know.

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