Is $25,000 for a full time job, good pay?

I am thinking about applying for a position in the probation department of my community. The position is grant funded, but it is a full time job with a pay of $25,000. Is this good?

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I would go ahead and apply. But, if they mention salary, just say $47,000 per year. If they go all scraggely and run around in circles holding their butt just let them continue to freak. Leave only when they say that the wage you are asking for is impossible. Then you can walk slowly out of the building and go to dinner across the street and thank your stars that you don't have the job. But smile on your way out. You will get a much better job tomorrow.
Depends on where you live and what your qualifications/experience is. This pay level would usually apply to an entry-level position. In most parts of the country, it would be very hard to support oneself on this pay level.
$12/hour. Not really a great paying job, but if there are benefits, and you like the work, and can live on that income, go for it.
Depends what state you live in. That would be a bad salary if you live in California or Illinois.
Yeah, if you lived in Tibet.
Not in my mind, but it really depends on what your options are.
Barely above minimum wage for dealing with some of the worst in our society – no thanks

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