Is 26-28 too old to be working in starbuck?

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if you want a career change / boost, consider the US military. as long as you are a citizen, legally out of trouble with no past trouble, limited to no medical history, you should be qualified to join. you also need at least a high school degree. or a GED and 15 college credits. some branches you can enlist as high as 39.

if you have a college degree, you can enlist and start out as a Specialist in the Army, or equivelant in other branches. You could try and apply for officers training school, but there is an age limit younger than the enlistment max age. The websites would have more info on that.

the military offers jobs in IT, healthcare, business, logistics, vehicle maintenance, intel, security, and others. more than just combat and infantry jobs.

you get paid training, experience for four to six years, and potential leadership training if you advance to Sergeant and higher.

enlisting in active duty is a full time job. you work 40, 60, sometimes 80 hours / week. you work days, mids, swings, nights, weekends, and holidays. you maybe stateside, or overseas.

depending on the job you do, how well you do it, the experience and further training you earn, you could find a similar job back in the civilian world when your service is done. plenty of companies are veteran friendly. and plenty will take years of proven training and experience over just a college degree and no work experience. plus, if you need a college degree to advance within a company, you can use the GI Bill to help pay for higher education. either within your field you trained in the military with, or a new degree entirely that's in demand.

see a recruiter for more info. be honest in your interview. any lie (no matter what the recruiters say) and if you get in, is a felony, and will get you kicked out. and send to prison. i'd see one from each branch, it's not a commitment to see a recruiter for info, and make that clear. then make your decision.

No way to tell without the whole picture, it could be a mother who was home with her kids until the youngest was in school who likes the hours. Some women are out of the workforce until the kids are in school and some don't work until a divorce or they are widowed so it might be their entry level job.
A man working Starbucks in the morning might be working swing shift on his other job and just trying to support his family working two jobs.

If a person that age is living in the parents basement and was a high school drop out they should start to look for a life.

No,26 to 28 is an age that is fit to work.Even people in their 60s to 70s are working at starbuck.Be thankful that you have a job,at the same time,try to work your way up to management.You are at the age where people are starting to think of starting a family.This need lots of money and if you remain as a server,you may find it abit hard to support your family financially.Even if you do not want to start a family,you will also need to support your parents.
Not at all ,26-28 age fit for work
Of course not. A job is a job. Maybe it's the only job they can get right now, or maybe they're still going to school so they need something that's flexible with hours. Or they could be trying to work their way up to management. I wouldn't judge somebody for working at Starbucks (or anywhere else) at that age or any age.
Smokies Hiker:
Not at all! And working at a job that brings you in constant contact with people is one of the best jobs you can have. You just never know when your next boss may be standing on the other side of the counter from you! Sure there are some people you'll meet that you wished you never had met, but the vast majority of people are great to have around your business.
It really does not matter how old you are to be working at Starbucks. I see people 40-60 all the time.
If you're referring to yourself, yes. At 26 years old, you should know the name of a business is ALWAYS capitalized and you should also know the name of the business. It's "Starbucks", not "starbuck". Notice the difference? One is capitalized AND ends with an "s", just like it sounds. Learn the language or don't come back here again.
Depends what position you hold. If you're aged 26-28, you can work your way up to a managerial position. Also keep in mind, these days a job is a job.
I think it depends on the position, but 26 years old, is not much according to HRM guides on Starbucks.

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