Is a costco membership worth it?

Would I be paying the fee every month? I do not know much about the costco membership

Other answer:

I believe it's once per year that you pay. Whether it's worth it or not depends on your situation; do you need to buy wholesale things on a regular basis (at least once per month)? The membership has its pros and cons, but remember that you can also visit a GFS (Gordon Food Service) store and purchase wholesale items without the membership fee. 😉
You pay the fee once a year. Everything there is sold in bulk quantities, so the question of whether or not it's worth it does tend to fall along the lines of whether you're single and just shop for yourself, or if you're shopping for a family.
Mr. Smartypants:
It's $55/year, and if you shop there every month you will recoup that amount. I think they'll allow you to come in and look around the store to see what they have there that you could use, so you can determine for yourself if $55/yr is worth it.

(If not, you can still buy liquor, use the eye doctor, or the pharmacy, without being a member. So just tell the person at the door 'I'm just here to use the pharmacy.' and they'll wave you right through. You still need a card to buy something other than liquor at the cash registers.)

Also, you get two membership cards for $55, so you can split the fee with someone else and share the cards. They allow that! For $27.50 a year, it's a much better deal!

You buy the membership on an annual basis.
Whether or not it's worth it will depend on what you plan to use the store for.
If you have a large family or group that you'll be shopping for on a regular basis, then it's probably going to be worth it.
But if its just you, then maybe not.
Just remember that with most items, you'll be buying larger quantities than you would at a grocery store and also the selection is narrower like 1 or 2 choices for each product.
It's an annual fee. It's impossible to say if it would pay off. If you have a large family, it would pay off. If you don't use it, it wouldn't. Lots of restaurant and convenience store owners use Costco.


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