Is a valet attendant a temporary job ?

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Only if it's advertised as temporary / seasonal, some companies may hire extra people to help out with the holidays then let them go once things slow down. Usually a valet is a permanent job.
A valet attendant can be a temporary job and it can be a permanent job. Usually, when a company is looking for someone to hire, they say if it is temporary or permanent. If you go to an interview for the job and you are not sure, you can ask. However, keep in mind that many companies will hire someone for a temporary position because it is easier to fire that person if that person doesn't work out. On the other hand, if the person does work out, then it is easy enough to switch the person over to a permanent job. That has happened to me three times for other kinds of jobs, so I know it is pretty common.

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It could be permanent or temporary and is usually part time(less than 40 hours per week).
It needn't be, unless it's advertised as seasonal, but most people who take such jobs aren't planning to stay in them for the rest of their working lives.
it could be, and then it could be permanent

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