Is Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card real?

I saw this on When I clicked on it it takes me to another page. But it says free $50 if you sign up. Which sounds sketchy, then it asks me for my social security number. SOO is it legit or a scam?

Other answer:

Deacon K:
It's sort of legit, but it's not an automatic $50 just for signing up. It's $50 only if they decide that they want to give you the card. If they decide not to give you the card, then you don't get any money. Their decision is mostly based on your credit report, but there could be other factors.
Yes, it's real (I have one). And the $50 credit is real. Your Social Security number is required to check your credit to see if qualify for the card. Since you are apparently new to credit cards, my guess is that you are not yet 18 years old, have no income, and do not have a credit score, all of which is necessary to get a credit card.
Wayne Z:
Yes. It is a real Visa credit card issued by Chase bank.

To get the $50 rebate, you must apply AND be approved.

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