Is eBay and PayPal safe ? I've been scammed on Alibaba and don't want it to happen again?

Other answer:

I got scammed on eBay by a seller, but PayPal is a money transfer company and I've regularly used them for over 9 years with no issues at all.
eBay and Pay Pal have been a valid business entity in the USA for more than 30 years, you might have a problem with someone who either bought from you or sold to but that is not necessarily an eBay problem
Alibaba is a Chinese company and dealing with them can be a problem
Alibaba is a Chinese company, in case you didn't realize that. eBay and PayPal are reputable American companies, and much safer.
Donald B:
Yes, they are safe. Ebay and Pay Pal are US companies. Alibaba is a Chinese company and hard to work with when there is a problem.
Wayne Z:
I have been using Ebay and PayPal for 17 years or so and I have never had an issue.

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