Is health insurance a good idea?

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onebeeswax: No. You should pay as you go, and many in the US would pay much less for healthcare if they paid cash. The problem with self-pay is you really do need to SAVE money for future healthcare and old-age needs, and very few are willing to give up toys (the reason for the huge credit crisis) in order to set money aside for the future (that may not come).

Prior to 1940, only the rich had health insurance in the US. As a means to get around WAGE FREEZE during WWII, companies started offering benefits, including life and health insurance in order to retain and attract workers. Ever since then, employer health insurance became very common, to the point where many EXPECT it, but it is a benefit, not a requirement, prior to the passage of the ACA, where most employers must offer something, especially if the state does not participate in the insurance marketplace. Insurance should be optional, but if you decide not to carry it, treatment should also be optional, beyond basic life saving measures.

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Yes. Paying as you go is cheaper sometimes, but not always, and sometimes cost more than you can afford. Medical bills can be several million dollars in extreme cases, and over $10,000 is very common.
It is a good idea and in the USA is mandatory according to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).
Yes, otherwise one accident or serious illness can wipe you out finandcially
So much so, that the gov't fines you if you don't have it.
Sure! The right one

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