Is it bad faith for my insurance company to deny my claim based on what they believe (what they believe can't be proven)?

Allstate denied my insurance claim because they believed i was lying but can't provide a valid reason everything they use to deny can mean a 1000 things

Other answer:

Their claim, reasonable suspicion.
Your turn.
Drop claim, or Appeal, or offer to settle, or seek legal counsel
It can end up in court or binding arbitration.
Can be pushed out for a long time. They only have interest to lose, and your legal fees if a judge sees them as unreasonable.

Up to you to prove your claim with more than your own testimony.
Add: Yes, you can take it up with a state insurance commission. They will want to see your evidence as well.

Casey Y:
Well, the arson was proven, you mention that in your other post. They just haven't been able to prove it was you.

They aren't acting in bad faith since YOU had two different policies covering the same property…where arson was the cause of loss. Honestly, you don't see bigger red flags then this situation.

What state do you live in? You do not give enough information. How did the accident happen? You need to post the details of the accidcents. Some accidents are difficult for insurance companies to figure out who is at fault. For example a sideswipe can be difficult to decide without independent witnesses. Please post information about the accident.
You make a claim; it's up to you to prove it. Without proof they have reason to believe you are lying and to deny it. It's up to YOU to provide proof that what you say is true.
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Make a complaint to your state insurance commission. They have to investigate.
Well, were you lying?

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