Is it bad?

I just moved in with a friend 1 week ago, I already want to move out. Commute is too long. I found an apt on my own. I am telling my friend today that December will be my last payment.

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No, that's not bad at all. A long commute is never any fun, and I'm sure your friend will understand that. When you explain for reasoning for moving out, I doubt he/she will be upset. You are not leaving on a bad note; you are simply moving to a more convenient place.
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Yes it is bad. How could you agree to move into an apartment without knowing how long the commute would be.
Could be bad. Might lose a friend. He may understand. Good luck.
just try and make sure the friend will be ok like financially/comfortable living on their own (some people aren't ready to live alone etc) but apart from that you've got to do whats best for you
It's not bad really, in so far as it isn't against the law. I am sure you know he/ she won't be pleased, but they will get over it.
As long as your friend isnt counting on you to afford rent. If they are then you are a terrible person who shold have researched ro commute time before moving.
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Depending on if you signed a lease or not. It is bad if you are on a lease.

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