Is it going to be hard if i go to US to find a job or will it be better if i find a job first before going? Please help me.?

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I am not sure that you can so simply up and go in the way you make it sound. The US, like most countries, does not just let anyone come in and look for work. If you walk up to the border and say "I am moving to the US to try to find work", the answer will be "No you are not" and they will refuse entry. Of course, you could always sneak in, but you can't get hired for any documented work because you require a social security number. Do you have one?
Even unemployed American citizens are having a rough time finding jobs… There must be better options
Unless you have a lot of money saved up, you'd better have one before you get here.
how will you live if you have no job to go to? will you be legal or a illegal?