Is it good or bad to be in your overdraft for 1 or 2 months if you have a good credit rating & never in overdraft?

Other answer:

Unless you have some sort of overdraft protection that either transfers the money from another account to that account or effectively gives you a loan to cover the overdraft, letting the overdraft sit for a month or two is very bad. If you let that go too long it will eventually be difficult for years to find a bank that would allow you to open an account.
Equality 7-2521:
Actually, banks do not report overdrafts to the credit bureaus. The only ones they do report are those that go unpaid and they end up having to take collections action on the overdraft amount and/or unpaid fees.

Make sure your bank is okay with you staying in an overdraft status for that long, and that you make zero additional withdrawals against that account. If you do this without their permission, they are likely to freeze or close the account and attempt to collect whatever their losses are, which will go against your credit.

You should NEVER go into overdraft on your account, the bank will take this very seriously. they prosecute anyone who goes into overdraft. Or worse, don't walk alone in the streets at night.. Sarah is watching you!!
Beverly S:
It's BAD. It means you spent the banks money not yours. Credit does not have anything to do with overdrafts.
If you agree an overdraft figure with your bank that's fine. If it is an unauthorised overdraft they will penalise you and your credit rating will fall.
much better to NEVER be in an overdraft situation
It's good and fiscally responsible to *never* over draft your account.

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