Is it legal to house tourists at your home?

Say I put an ad on craigslist saying that I'm willing to house a tourist for a summer. Is that legal? Tourists would pay me and they could live with me at my house for 2 months for example

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loanmasterone: Many homeowners do this over the summer. This is a common practice. If you are renting, this would be considered sub-letting and might not be legal for you to sub lease your rented house of apartment.

I take it that you are a homeowner and not renting the house you are residing in.

There are national organizations you are able to list your summer house through. Normally there is a small fee if
the national organization you sign up with provide you a client that rent your house.

You would need to google for these national organizations to find out their requirements and how you would be able to engage their services.

If you are skeptical about this new endeavor, you might consider speaking with your local city government to see if there are any local regulations you would be required to observe.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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The legal right to rent your home on a short-term basis And if you rent your home.then lease or rental agreement restrictions are also an issue.
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No problem no different than getting a roommate. Just be sure to check credit and background checks too.
trurider t:
Only if you actually own the property. You need different insurance – if it burns down when they are there and you haven't changed the cover, the insurers will not pay. Also, depends on local laws.
Why not? Obama had his mother or mother in law living at the white house on our dime… I'd say you're ok.
Depends on the zoning where you live. Most limit rentals to a single-family.
its only legal if your gonna F*CK THEM!
Yes it is ok have a house tourists at your home. It is your house and your choice have tourist at home ;-] if not legal something is wrong with the word ;-]
I'd use AirBnB, or something like that.
If you own the house you can have whoever you wish come stay with you. Free or not. For whatever time period you choose.