Is it possible to make $30 a day on the stock market with limited funds?

By limited, I'm talking $200-$300, max. Any good strategies?

Best Answer:

Joshua: $300 no $1000-maybe. Try on a real-time sim first and see how it goes. Consistency is key , $150/mo for data. My daytrading account hovers around $3500 and i avg $230/week net. I'm small time for sure-but no stress. &

Other answer:

With only $200/$300 you should not be trying to play around in the stock market.

Most reputable firms require you have $500 in order to open an account With the amount of money you have, there's no way you'll be able to make any decent return. Commissions alone will cost you 5-10% of each transaction.

It's fine to try to want to be in the market, but at least use enough common sense to be realistic with your goals

If you're lucky and win immediately, it's possible for a day or two or more but what happens when you lose $100 the 3rd and 4th day? You're nearly wiped out. And what if that happens on days 1 and 2? Bye-bye.

In reality, you will not win regularly and commissions will eat you alive. Your probability of achieving this are almost nil.

you will NOT make 50-70% return per week and you usually need more than $300 to get stated and you will have to wait 3 days after selling a stock to be able to re-invest that money
Wayne Z:

That would be a 10-15% daily return which even the experts can't do.

Besides, the commissions on small buys and sells would eat you alive.

Not even a $1000 is enough.
Depending on your age, put it in a DRIP with a decent company.
No, that will only cover brokerage fees on a couple dozen trades, you need much more than that to get started.
No, Firstly Get a trading plan & education.
horrible way to invest that $
do accounts receivable financing instead.
Love big words:
You can't predict outcomes. Do not try it.

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