Is it possible to SEO a website that contains Images as Content ?

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Hi, It would be better if you use some content on your website. Images can also be optimized if you use the correct size.

Evey image has a title tag, alt tag and image source. Try to use the most used keyword in all these three places. This will help the Google crawlers to crawl your site in a better way.

Content as images this is not good for SEO because content is crawable by google bot. Content always should be as text. You konw now a days Content is the King for SEO.
Of-course, when using SEO for a website that images as content then it only crawls if you are using alt text with their content. As google bot has their policy to crawl the images with their alt text content.
Yes , One thing you have to know is google bots recognize or prefer your images with alt tag on it not by its look or quality. Like unique content is good for seo however Alt tag on images is good for seo.
google prefer your images with alt tag otherwise your image was meaningless. unique content is good for seo however Alt tag on images is good for SEO. if your website has image then user attract with it.
Khairul Bashar:
Use ALT tag for image optimization.Search engine only understand “TEXT”, not image. Because they can‟t read anything without text. So, when you are adding some text into an image it gets clear to Google technology about the image
yes you can do seo of image based website.
Gazi Md Alamin:
Image Optimization is very important. Yes it is possible…
1) Search engines don't understand any images. It can only read text and codes. So you do image optimization to let the search engine knows that is an image.
2) A picture might be worth 1000 words, but only if it gets seen and only if it will benefit your business to rank for image search.
3) Image relevancy is important when it comes to image optimization for SEO.
4) Use ALT tag to help describe your image. This three points are the key to creating good alt tags —
i) Image needs a proper description, without keyword stuffing.
ii) It should be keyword rich.
iii) It needs to be short and to the point.
No, It is not possible. Because Google craw-able boot and other search engine boot do not able to read the writing of image. If there is no writing on this content your Page will not be indexed on search engine result page. But you can use relevant image on this page for visitors good looking.
Any crawler can not read any image it only reads what is written in alt tag. So, it will nor be impossible but difficult to rank such website.
And a alt tag of 125 character is considered as good. But I think the website you are talking about needs more character.

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