Is it rude to bring coffee to a job interview?

I have a job interview tomorrow and was going to stop at dunkin donuts on the way and grab a large caramel coffee coolatta with whipped cream to bring with me to drink during the interview. Is this a good idea?

Other answer:

Yes, it is rude.

It signals you're not taking the interview very seriously, and frankly? Have you ever watched someone eat or drink while trying to converse? They will be able to hear you slurp and swallow, and if your stomach should happen to gurgle? What if you need to burp? Kinda gross, if you're not eating or drinking.

*Such* a bad idea. Get a small and drink it on the way – and bring some minty gum or breath mints. Good luck.

To be honest with you, If I was interviewing someone and the candidate walked in with a coffee in their hands, I would NOT mind it at all. For me, there is nothing rude in that.
How ever, I do not know if your interviewer thinks like me or not.
Yes it is a bad idea. You don't want to look unprofessional at an interview.
Dont bring coffee. If they wanted you to drink something they would have offered you something. Keep it professional.
I hope you're just kidding or trolling. NO it's not OK
don't do it. you will give the impression you aren't taking the interview seriously.
Bad idea – the fact that you even need to ask make you unhireable

don't answer old questions


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