Is it safe to put your Social Security number on an online job application for Walmart?

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I would bet you have to. I don't like how everyone is using my social security number and anyone hired by any company has access to it. My sister and a friend had credit card problems at a fast food place. Apparently someone hired in and was taking information and passing it along. Anyone just hired has access to all your personal information. And I was trying to get back online at a bank and couldn't. I called and had to answer some security questions. The questions werent the ones I filled out online but they had other information and said it was public knowledge and wanted to know about my car loan. I absolutely felt violated and they just had too much info and it was a real smart A talking to me. She told me I can either tell her about my car loan or not get online. I told her I can also just move my money to a bank that knows how to give customer service. And I opened new accounts that week. Some places just have too much of my personal information and they need to stop using my social security number for basic identification. I fill out all those stupid questions so that I can be identified. Why isn't that good enough. I agree with you. I don't want all my personal info out there.
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they really don;t need that info until they are actually hiring you or need it to run a credit check (which means they MIGHT hire you, but they would have interviewed you by that point – I wouldn't put it on
Yes, and if you don't, you can forget about being hired.
Casey Y:
Only if you want a job.
The risk is reasonably small.

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