Is it uncommon for a homeowner to kick out their room renters so they can move in their significant other and start on a family?

Best Answer:

Dan: Not uncommon at all. Room renters on a month-to-month contract need to always be prepared to have to vacate in short order. They should always try to get a lease, if even for only 6 months, which requires the landlord to give them perhaps 60 days notice that the lease won't be renewed at expiration.

But it happens often that someone renting out a room gets involved and wants to bring that other person into the house, and now doesn't not need the renter for the extra income.

Other answer:

Not uncommon at all. The law allows for a homeowner to move back in to the house he owns – mid-lease with his tenants, even good tenants. In an unstable economy, he may be having financial trouble and had to sell the house he was living in, preferring the one you rented.
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I'd say that most young homeowners who take on roommates to split costs eventually want to start their adult life. This means at some point, most of these homeowners will want their roommates to move. Most of the time, this happens at some natural split where the roommates go willingly and amicably.
No idea if it is uncommon or not, understandable and nothing wrong with that as long as the notice to leave is given correctly and legally
It's not simething you hear everyday . But in saying that. Who,wouldn't do that under those circumstances
Not at all uncommon. If you need the space,you give them notice to vacate.
R P:
No, it's not uncommon, and it's legal to do so if your lease has expired.
Roger K:
We really have no idea. There are millions of rental units and there are no statistics on how many incidents like that occur.
Linda R:
As long as they give a 6-month notice….ok.

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