Is it worth an eldercare lawyer?

with owning a mobile home and not the property its on, and having less than 25k in IRA would a elder lawyer be necessary?
if one of two married went in a nursing home?

Other answer:

Not enough assets to protect and any transfers done within 5 yrs. of admission are considered as if they had never occurred for medicaid purposes. There's a lot of things that come into play if the person needs assistance in paying for the nursing home. The social worker or case worker at the nursing home will walk them through the process. The nursing home generally takes the patient's social security and any pension including IRA RMDs, but the spouse's living expenses are also taken into account.
What for? There are no laws that require two people to continue living in your mobile home. One or both spouses have every right to move out and into a nursing home. It is none of the mobile home park's business, except you should probably inform them that the one spouse is no longer living there but, instead, a nursing home. Eldercare lawyers general deal with elder abuse. I don't see how one can help you, unless the nursing home is abusing the spouse who lives there.
An eldercare attorney could possibly help but a professional guardian (not guardian ad litem) would be more helpful. They are trained in locating the facilities and have knowledge if the various programs (medicare, medicaid, etc) that can assist in paying for the care.
Often, assets must be sold to pay for nursing home residency, if no other funds are

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