Is it worth it to a CEO of a large company?

Do you have to sell your soul to your job , be available 24/7 and be stressed out ?

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Jess Who Guesses:
That's an individual decision.
Andy L:
"Sell your soul" is a personal view.
"stressed out" is generally also self-induced
24/7 available if the pay is right.
The world and everything in it is only as perceived. A person can collect a check and does not have to get stressed over the job or consider it their only reason of being.
The issue is as much the employee as employer in what is described.
Ziff Spiffington:
you don;t just apply for a job like that – it usually takes 20+ yrs of increasing responsibility in one company to have a shot and there just are not that many opening for that kind of position – one per company – maybe
If you're okay with having a broken house, then yes.
If it is good money, i would take it. Personally I dont mind work.

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