Is it worth it to pay 2000$ for phlebotomy certificate?

I want to be a doctor and I'm thinking about taking the class so that I can get medical experience, is it a waste of time?

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$2000?…The places in my area and every program I've found are either free training or cost about $500. And while this is healthcare experience, it will only let you draw blood and won't give you much "patient experience" to become a doctor. If you wanted to become a nurse, I'd say go for CNA. And honestly, of hi was going for doctor, I'd still do CNA. You see a lot more parts of the healthcare world as a CNA then a Phlebotomist. You interact with patients more and it's more hands on. And some places are having their CNA's be trained to draw blood anyways. And then after doing this for a bit, you'll truly know if you want to be a doctor and walk into a healthcare facility everyday as your career.
Good luck!
That isn't being a doctor. That is being a technician who is certified to work with human blood products without giving himself or others a disease. If you use that to say you have medical experience the moment you walk into medical school…assuming you get accepted and you can afford it…if you tell them you 'have medical experience' because you have a phlebotomy certificate you will be laughed at.

If you want to BE an actual MEDICAL DOCTOR you need to graduate from highschool with a 3.8 to 4.0 GPA, graduate from a good UNIVERSITY as a pre-med…with a 3.8 to 4.0 GPA, get accepted in to a good med school and spend the next 4 years learning to not kill people and then spend another 4 years as a resident perfecting the art of not killing people.

Diane A:
I would do this only if you think you will actually get a job doing it and have the time. It can be hard to find a phlebo job, It wont give you a ton of medical experience, its neutral, no harm no gain. Better for med school: scribing or volunteering, or EMT working as a ER tech.
Simpson G.:
It's not a bad thing to have on your med school application. It's not going to give you a ton of "medical experience", but it's not a bad way to get something health care related on your resume.
No, all you will be doing is taking blood, that is not medical experience.
You need an excellent education to get into medical school, this won't help you.
Plebotomists make good money, many places put you through training for free to work there, look into it, always see adds for those jobs
Casey Y:
If you want to become a doctor, this is a waste of your time.
Huge waste of time and money.

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