Is minimum wage enough if you don't have to pay housing or utility bills?

I'm a first year college student and am currently living with my dad. I just landed a dishwashing job and work 4 days a week at $8.05 an hour. All I have to pay for is car insurance and gas. Will I have enough left over to occasionally treat my self?

Other answer:

and you can't do the math because??????????

how many hours per day?

even if you only work 20 hours per week
8.05 x 20 = $161/week x 4 weeks = $644/month (plus a 5th partial week) -taxes still leaves you with at least $515/month..

how much do you pay for insurance and gas?

after you pass your remedial math class, work out your budget

Just Asking:
If you use public transportation, you will not even need to pay for gas.
I only get $700.00 a month on my SSI Disability. and I get by, so you should be able to.
How much is insurance? How many hours do you get a week?
Simple math problem shows u how
my 2 cents:
If you budget your money.

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