Is minimum wage too low for front desk job?

Im being paid minimum wage while working at a hotel. And just recently, I started working the graveyard shift. I m worried that my manager is paying me a lesser hourly wage because I m a woman.

Other answer:

Regardless of the industry or position, a company doesn't violate any labor laws as long as they pay at least minimum wage. If you suspect that there is discrimination because you are a women, then that's another story. See (You Can Be a Victim of Employment Discrimination Without Even Working).
Elaine M:
EVERYONE starts at minimum wage in jobs like that. You're not being discriminated against.

To get more, ask about more job duties and higher pay for doing more than just counterwork.

I can't imagine why your job would be anything but a minimum wage job. It doesn't exactly require any skills that you need to go to school for. If you're dissatisfied and haven't receive a raise after you've been there a year then search for a job elsewhere.

Didn't you know what the pay would be when you took the job?

Hotels are notoriously low paying jobs. You cant prove you get less as a woman. If you work graveyard, ask about shift differential for night work.
Probably has nothing to do with gender, it's a normal pay for that

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