Is my tax quote correct?

I'm a 20 year old male. I'm a dependent. I made just over 10,000 dollars in 2016 and I was doing my taxes. The money withheld was 153 dollars. It says I owe 240 dollars. Is this correct?

Other answer:

your taxable income is $3700 meaning your income tax is at least $373, you only had $153 withheld so yes, you owe the amount indicated
Pascal the Gambler:
Sounds about right, yes.
If you're a dependent, yes.
looks about right
Yes, that would be correct for a dependent making approximately $10,230.
Yes it is correct.

Your deduction is $6,300, leaving you with $3,700 taxable income if you made $10K, at 10% that is $370, minus your withholding of $153 leaves you with $217. If you made slightly more than 10K your balance due could easily be $240.

You are a dependent, so you get just the standard deduction of $6300. At $10,000, that leaves $3700 taxable at 10%, or $370 tax, You had $153 withheld, so that is $217 owed. You said more than $10,000, so the amount owed would be more than $217. If you made $230 more, that would be $23 more tax.
I'm no tax expert, but websites say that you do not need to file taxes in you make under $10,350 which is the total deduction (personal deduction + standard deduction). SO it doesn't seem right that you would owe $400.…

Wayne Z:
if you only made 10,000, your taxable income should be zero