Is NASA really just a scam to waste taxpayer's dollars?

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Donald: No.

It is a cover for the real space program, which is using satellites to check for cracks in the glass sky and sending expeditions through the hole in our concave earth at Antarctica.

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Not really. President Eisenhower had genuine sensible reasons for turning a Congressional advisory committee into federal agancy in 1958, national defense and security reasons.. Eisenhower was 5 star general and leader of the D-Day invasion and he was well aware That Since FDR Died Right after being elected to fourth term AND Truman had no idea we had the atom bomb for several days,, The military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about during hgis two terms as President IS STILL THERE. NASA uses the military technology for peaceful purposes, NOT tmake ware. NASA is NOT a scam to rip off the tax payers money.Less than 1 cent of every tax dollar goes to NASA. Congress controls NASA's budget.

What WERE those UFOs over Washington DC in July ot august 1953. Eisenhower obviously knew SOMETHING that the general public STILL does not know. Jimmy Carter stopped talking about UFO for a REASON AFTER he he was elected but before or WHEN he wa inaugurated.

How many terrorist attacks on the USA have been stopped. We probably DO NOT KNOW, because they WERE stopped.. The USA no longer has control of the Internet..

On the surface of it, going by all the rubbish that comes out of the nasa publicity machine it certainly appears to be the case that nasa is nothing more than a scam to attract taxpayers' dollars for the sake of sensationalism.

But when you look at the respectable work that nasa actually does, you can see that a small but significant part of their budget really does benefit both science and the economy.

Recall that nasa has launched many robotic probes that have sent back much genuine data from thew solar system and beyond. Recall the Hubble telescope, the Voyager missions, Magellan mission, Messenger, Juno, Dawn, etc. Lots of scientific papers published, the vast majority of which are never seen by the public because they consist of arcane scientific findings.

nasa has also launched many Earth facing satellites that have revolutionised our knowledge of Planet Earth and have enabled global communications, navigation and surface research on scales not possible from the Earth itself. This has been of enormous benefit to the economy.

So you need to look past the irksome public relations department that nasa for some reason does not fire immediately. nasa outreach looks like a scam, but behind the scenes there is some serious and respectable work being done.


"Scam" is in the eye of the beholder. NASA has gained a great deal of knowledge about the planets in our solar system, and about the earth itself. Also about the stars in the universe. Whether that's worth the taxpayers' money is a matter for the taxpayers to decide. NASA does some silly publicity, mostly directed to keeping people interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, because that fascinates the general public more than questions about, say, the chemistry of Neptune's atmosphere. Curiosity about the nature of the universe seems to be a general human trait, though; all the highly developed countries have participated in space programs. At first for military and geopolitical reasons, but also for general prestige. There have been times when the far left in the USA objected to the expense of NASA, but this has never been a majority position.
The Black Hole:
It couldn't be any worse than The National Endowment for the Arts or a hundred other government funded programs. At least Nasa delivers some cool photos. From the NEA you get a crucifix in a jar of urine.
NASA is America's Research & Development department… While we throw quite a bit of money their way, it's because they do amazing things on demand.
Choose a bloody best answer. It's not hard.:
What a weird thing to suggest. You haven't been around long, have you?

Why would a government want to waste money deliberately when they get more support for spending it on things people can see?

It is not a scam. They are very up front about the money they waste.
Once they get back to building spaceships and off the AGW scam it wont be
obviously the space flights were successful, if nothing else but the many beneficial inventions that have arisen from the need to operate in space

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