Is now a bad time to be investing in the stock market?

I have heard that for the second half of 2016, we are headed for another recession. Do you think there is any truth to that?

I have about $25k that I would like to put into some stocks, bonds & mutual funds.

Best Answer:

The Oracle of Omigod: This could be a bad time. Look at historical price/earnings ratios for the dow jones. The ONLY reason for companies to be in business is to generate earnings. Find a good balanced mutual fund with a superior long-term record, cycle your money in – maybe 25% invested every six months. And never sell until you retire. PS – I am in real estate also and it is tricky. I figure a net of about 55% of rent and that is if you don't have a mortgage!

Other answer:

The Oracle of Omigod:
Any time is a good time to invest in the stock market if you have 20 years to recover from possible losses. After 20 years it is almost a certainty that your investment will have increased in value.
Predictions about the stock market are made all the time. Eventually someone gets it right and they look smart, so I say to not waste time and start investing instead of worrying about something that may not even happen when it is predicted.
I would wait until the presidential election is over and the fed rate hikes settle down.

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