Is that any real survey paying site or PTC site in online?

Other answer:

About 80% are scam I would say. If a survey site ask you pay or bu anything, I would say that it is a scam. There are a few good ones if you look. But remember to never pay for anything. Legit survey sites are all 100% free.
Take a look at

for more info and you can decide if you want to sign up and give it a try.

It is 100% free and you get $1 for signing up.

Earn myself 50 bucks the first month August 2014 and waiting for a second check for $60 for September 2014. You can find proof of payment for my first month in the above link so it is legitimate.

Yes, , I won $119.70 in one week.
The payment:

Good luck ^^


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