Is there a drop-off location / box within USPS for packages?

Does usps have a drop off location / box inside their buildings for small packages that have their shipping cost prepaid?

Something other than waiting in line at the counter.

Other answer:

Yes. There is a pull door in the wall of all post offices to place packages. Some post offices also have a kiosk where you can pay for postage and place larger packages. If the package weighs over 13 oz and is paid with stamps then it cannot be left in the "boxes", it must have a prepaid label (that sounds like what you have).
Many USPS locations have a 24-hour kiosk. Just put the package in there.
Every post office has drop boxes both inside and outside, and some drop boxes around town.
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Packages weighing more than 13 oz have to go over the counter.
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The nearest main post office to us does.