Is there a job where you don't have to work?

Less action and more salary.

Other answer:

Yes, federal hospitals have aids whose only 2 responsibilities are to get clean clothes out of a closet that must be kept locked and to sit down and watch/talk to the patients all day. Careful to avoid the nurse's aid jobs where you have to clean patients who $hat themselves, etc.
Lots of easy jobs are available "working" for the City of Chicago if you are politically connected. Aldermen have many ways to get their friends hired for people who will support them in elections, collect bribes, and run errands.

This is NOT a cynical statement: there are regular newspaper/TV exposes of loafers on the city payroll. The papers like to show people sleeping on the job, shopping, or fooling around during work hours.

Linda R:
There is NO job 'out there' where you can get paid for doing NOTHING.
Yeah, Unemployment Benifits
Papa John's Cashier… Nobody goes there anyway
Gary B:
ALL jobs are that way — IF you like what yo are doing.

"if you like what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

the very word job implies some effort in some measure, for a job to be without action, it would not be a job
Psychoanalyst, if one of your patients say something bad about you you just say oh they're nuts .
Being on the dole is a job in itself
Federal Bureaucrat. Big money, little or no work. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

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