Is there a job which allows for multiple hobbies?

i havent been able to decide a career, i really want free time to pursue other thing and want the job to be rewarding and sustaining, i was considering teacher but idk, they seem not to make too much money.
Not part time please.

Other answer:

Are you saying you want to work only part-time, so you will have plenty of time for your hobbies? If so, please be aware that part-time work usually pays much lower per hour than full-time work. You'd have a very hard time supporting yourself on what you would make as a part-time employee even if you plan to share an apartment with a friend, eat only beans and rice, and never go ought for an evening of fun. In fact, you might not even be able to purchase the supplies you need for your hobbies.

Or are you saying that you want a job in which you get to do these things you consider hobbies. If that is what you mean, yes, it is possible. But it depends upon what your hobbies are. If you love art, there are jobs in advertising, for instance, that make use of all manner of art skills. If you love hiking and birdwatching and being out in nature, it might be you could become a park ranger and do all of those things and more. It depends upon what your hobbies are. There are some hobbies that do not exist in the work world.

Hope this helps. . . good luck to you!

I am not aware of a job that offers a rewarding and substantial income for
free time to accommodate multiple hobbies. You have your priorities reversed. Your hobbies are secondary to be supported by a serious career.
teachers make decent money and it is rewarding work. plus, good benefits and time off.
Elijah Tenenbaum:
they make little money because they get free time

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