Is there a way to get more/better health Ins other than my job, or new job? I have a 1500 deduct, sucks. Have a lot of med bills/bloodwork?

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Pay for it yourself.
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you can certainly shop around, nothing is preventing you from finding better coverage
the high deductible means your premiums are very manageable, the lower the deductible the higher your premiums, one way or another you will pay
You could buy health insurance and pay for it yourself with your own money, but it would probably cost more than just $1500 (which, by the way, is a very low deductible and doesn't suck at all).
Contact an insurance agent or contact the insurance company directly to get quotes on individual policies.
Any health insurance company that pays all your medical bills, is also likely to change you a high monthly premium. Are you willing to pay 400 -500 a month for this type of insurance?? There ain't no free lunch.
I doubt you could find an insurance policy outside of your work which would be reasonably priced with a lower deductible. Sorry. From everything I've read if you are eligible for Obamacare you get what you pay for. If you want a lower deductible then you must pay higher premiums but that is pretty much true of most insurances. Perhaps fellow employees could petition the boss to find a better health care package for the employees when the company's contract runs out on this one.
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