Is there a way to repair my credit?

I'm in collections for a couple of credit cards. If i get sent to collections is there a way for me to pay them, and then have them removed from my credit report to repair my credit score?

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In very, very rare cases, there is a way to do something before you pay to get them removed. In most cases, even that is not possible.

In all cases, without exception, there is no possible way to pay, and then have them removed. Once you have paid, they cannot be removed. Paying eliminates whatever possibility there might have been. They probably can't be removed under any circumstances, but if they can be removed by some miracle, then they can be removed only if you don't pay.

Once you have paid, the only way that they can ever be removed is if you do nothing and wait until whenever they would have been removed due to their age if you had not paid and had not done anything to get them removed.

you can pay them so they show as delinquent but paid,,but you cannot get them removed from your credit report, anyone lending you money has the right to now you defaulted on payments
Even if you pay off collections items, they still show, but show as paid.
Not really. Your best bet is to hurry up and pay them off though.
pay off your bad debt

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