Is there any way to un-file for social security benefits after I filed 15 months ago? I would be willing to give back all the money.?

I do know that they give you 1 year to change your mind, but I was indisposed for the last 4 months. Is there a way to do this??

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Mr. Fabulous:
I don't know if it is a part of recent changes, but apparently you can only withdraw your initial application within 12 months of when it was due to start. The only thing you could do at this point is suspend payments, but I don't know what advantage that would have.

Besides this page see "suspend benefit payments" link at the bottom of that page:…

If you have received benefits for 12 months or more, you cannot withdraw your application for benefits and repay benefits received.

If you have received benefits for less than 12 months, you can apply to withdraw your application, and if approved, all benefits received have to be repaid.

you can request to be withdrawn from SS and come back later and apply again
as for repaying what you have been paid for 15 months, I rather doubt this is a possibility, and for what reason
No one year is one year. End of story.
You can suspend your account, it's the same thing.
actual you can do that go to your SSN office to get the necessary paperwork
Max Hoopla:
Not any more.

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