Is there anyway you can make some one get on a plane back home if theyndont want to ? or against their will?

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The Pink:
Depends on the situation…..however yes it happens all the time

Parents take their children pretending to 'go on holiday' back to their own 3rd world country where once there the child is forcefully married often to someone they have never met and x3 their age


Immigration deport illegals back to their country as there are so many of them, planes are hired so they can fly 200-300 back at the same time and they don't then mix with legal citizens on public flights

Steve D:
Depends – if they are in another country, after their VISA expires they have to leave. If you mean forcing them to get on a plane from say Maryland to Orlando, of course not, unless that person is a minor or has been arrested and is being extradited. More info would help answer this question (i.e., from where to where, why, etc.).
How could you possibly manage it? You would need to pay for the flight and
transport the person to the airport. That is the easy part. Now, how would you
actually, bodily, legally,force the person onto the plane?
if you are the legal guardian, you can have them detained by the authorities…..and held securely until they come home…if you force them on kicking and screaming, you will all be kicked off the plane….
If you are being deported, then you bet they can.

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