Is there some place I can turn someone in for parking their RV beside my house in a narrow driveway?

The guy who has this RV has a difficult time getting it into his narrow driveway. He & his friends make a bunch of noise in it also. His RV completely also blocks any kind of sun getting into any of our side windows? Shouldn't someone who has an RV be made to park it in an RV lot?
His friends I believe half the time live in his RV parked beside my house. How is that right?

Other answer:

Unless you have a home owner's associate which has rules on this then there is nothing you can do. I find it disturbing that you would want to dictate what someone can do with their private property. There are no safety concerns. This is part of having a neighbor.

Now, if the RV is being used as permanent housing for someone then the city may have something to say about it.

If there is an HOA, it would not likely be allowed. Report it to them. If there is no HOA, it may or may not be allowed. Check the city – local laws. It may be allowed but only so many feet from the neighbor. That close to your house, it may not be legal. I don't know your local laws so, people here an only guess – it may or may not be legal. Even if it is determined that he can legally park there, it may be illegal for anyone to live in it while parked there. Again, check your local laws. If it bothers you so much and you don't know how to research your local laws, hire a lawyer to do it.
Casey Y:
If not on your property, not too much you can do. You can report them for living in an RV if that is against local building codes, but you even say they are only there half the time.

Generally, nothing illegal at all about this, except perhaps the building/habitability codes in your town/city.

find out what your local laws are regarding parking things like a boat, an RV a truck or other large vehicle on residential driveways
if you think people are living in it you need to be able to prove this and then notify your local code enforcement if this is not legal in your city
Chris P:
Unless there are any local bye-laws about it, an RV can be parked anywhere a car can be.

Unless the driveway belongs to you, or they're committing any crimes; there isn't much you can do. Have you tried asking them to keep the noise down?

Pascal the Gambler:
So he parks it on his property in his own driveway? No one cares, not illegal.
A neighborhood HOA may be of some help. A city zoning may be of some help.
You have to check with your town to see if this is allowed. It may be a health violation.
It depends on what the local bylaws permit or not. Check into it.

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