Is this a good time to buy Ford Motor stock as an investment?

Best Answer:

The Old Guy: YES – although I do not normally give investment advice here on YA, but consider, Ford is paying a very good dividend, it makes one of the best trucks in the world, they are profitable and appears they will remain so.

I would buy, I already own some but more can not hurt

Other answer:

The Old Guy:
I have no problem with Ford as a decent investment – I just know that Trump is a disaster of unthinking action awaiting to happen. He will be so eager to show he is the "king" that he will destroy the economy by blundering into a trade war with China ( 75% probable in 30 days) – this will knock the auto stocks and Ford. His tweeting is already causing China to think of a suitable response to his Taiwan gaffe.

(Don't listen to me if you think that Trump is can lose the money anyway..)

Love big words:
Ford will give you a ride, always has, always will.
I paid 12 for it 20yrs ago….