Is this legal? Can I take Parts from other products and put them together to create something new and sell it for profit?

Best Answer:

John: Yes, that is generally the way new things are made: from parts from other things, or such parts combined with new parts you create yourself. It's only a problem if what you end up creating would violate a patent that is enforceable in your country or wherever you plan to sell your product.

In other words, if you buy or make parts and put them together in a way that infringes someone else's right to prevent you from making, using, selling or importing that invention, that's going to be a problem.

The vast majority of things you can buy or build would not infringe any patents anywhere, let alone in your particular country. It's your job to find out what patents exist in your product category and to avoid infringing them, including the possibility of requesting a license from the patent owners.

Other answer:

Depends on what parts and what products. You might end up violating a patent or copyright.
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DR + Mrs Bears face:
Of course it is. Few manufacturers make all their own parts.
if any of the parts are patented you would need permission from the owner of the patent to allow you to use them
almost everything is made from components from other things
John D:
That's how they make cars.
Yes you can

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