Is this normal?

I was laid off at work because they couldn't afford me anymore, but I'm still sad? Is this normal I'm in highschool im a girl. Is this normal?

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Scooby Doo: Yes, it is common to be sad after being laid off because although you did nothing wrong and worked really hard, you still were laid off. It's not something you can control, and it's frustrating and makes you sad. Keep looking for a new job. That will help you to find a silver lining to this event, and you may even find something you like even more.

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Scooby Doo:
Whenever 'anything' ends without a new thing to replace it
…. it is like a little death and you go through a kind of mourning period.

If you are leaving because of a new exciting thing…
(even if it is that you 'want' to rest at home)
you are anticipating a new activity / future.

being stopped from doing something, even being with a friend / relative etc , and it was not your choice or planned.. that is a loss without a replacement – so yes, you mourn the loss.

when it happens many times, you get used to it – but its not the same as never happens.

so yes, normal – but don't worry about it…
Have a pause, and then think about all the good things that you learned and experienced and how they will be useful for the next job (which 'will' happen… )

so look to what you would like to do next 😉

normal to be sad that they let you go, sure it is but it is not the end of the world, it is just the beginning of your many disappoints in life
growing up in a protected environment it is sometimes a real shock to learn what the world is like, what your parents have been going thru all your life
this is just a lesson which will serve you well, and the sooner you get over being sad the better you will be
It's always sad to be laid off, but that's part of the life learning experience.

Just count your blessings that you don't have children to support and get laid off. That's what's been happening to people with families for the last eight years.

The bottom line of business is profit and when this is thinning out the first thing most entrepreneurs do is cut cost and one of the ways to do this is cut staff strengh. So it is normal.. Instead of feeling bad, i think this should fire you to start something of your own and employ people in future.
Being laid off these days is very common and it's never a pleasant experience. But don't take it personally. It's just business. Shake it off and move on.
Jadzia Dax:
Yes it can be depressing to lose a job even if it was not your fault. Start looking for a new job in many cases it is better
Donald B:
The economy is still bad. It is common to be laid off in a bad economy. Do not be upset with yourself.
Happy Gramps:
quite common BUT the "good" thing is that you can apply for UI benefits if you want to !!

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