Is Trump making America a laughing stock?

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America was already a laughing stock to many non-Americans but as an American myself, the answer is, yes.
Bipin Kumar TRPL:
Yes,,,America laugh a lot today
His new campaign slogan: Make America Look Stupid.
Pork-chop of Doom:
Outside of the Middle East, the USA has long been a "laughing stock" because so many Americans say they believe their is an Imaginary Sky Daddy looking down on them, and genuinely seem to mean it….

Nobody is all that surprised Trump won….just a little concerned that his plan to help recover the ailing economy will be to grow the business side of the Defense Industry by picking fights with countries he has no business interests in….

No more than the previous chucklehead.
He's refreshing and not the career politian spewing the party line. Oh, by
the way have you heard he's going to make America great again? Count
on it !
He is in he UK, is he for real, or is this some kind of reality show?
The news is full of him here.
The Oracle of Omigod:
Who cares?
I think it's his immature supporters and butthurt haters that are making it a laughing stock