Is working in the insurance arena an exiciting or at least rewarding industry?

I love following up
Letting other know of their options
Operating computers
Updating information in the system

Other answer:

It seems exciting at first but the job can be quite mundane after some time. But it is a worthwhile industry to try as millions need insurance but there are many skeptics.
It is one of the least rewarding industries. It doesn't exactly have a good reputation, that's for sure. If you go to people's homes to sell insurance, your job is a hustler. Not something I would do.
ibu guru:
Insurance is one of the most stultifyingly boring industries imaginable. Loads of paperwork & accounting.
Anything involving sales can be exciting. It can also be rewarding if there are commissions involved. But you're never the good guy and people always think you are taking advantage of them.

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